with Marriage Celebrant Chris Simond
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You’ve found the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. And it’s such an incredible feeling you may have difficulty expressing it in words. With 20 years experience as a journalist I just might be able to help.

With your marriage ceremony set to be the main focus of your wedding day remember it can be so much more than a loving exchange of “I do’s” before your reception celebrations begin. As a TV reporter and producer I can help you write and present a ceremony that you, your family and friends will remember for ever.

When two people are about to be joined as one there are numerous ways to express the magic of the occasion by scripting heartfelt and romantic notions or sharing some of your adventure together so far. You may even want to consider family or friends to dedicate special readings or songs.

Let’s find ways of bringing joy and good humour to perhaps the most intimate moment of your life.

Chris Simond